Messages Of A Textually Explicit Nature


A mountain of poo is too much for one man. Now I know why God portions it into little packages and why he lives on a poo plantation in Hawaii.

I am watching you you queer-bashing homo.

I know. They’re all so hot it makes me wanna go in there and borrow and return books all day long!

I told it to a few people here. Now I have no friends in work. Cheers.

Oh I’ll try to find my way you roast beef!

I really shouldn’t be watching this.

That is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever said. Truly. Well done.

Yep. She’s a freak.

Dear Stigmund, as a trained medical doctor, it is my professional opinion that you smell, and are gay. And you have rabies. Hard luck.


That was completely out of line. I can’t stop crying. Thanks for ruining what had been, til now, the best day of my entire life.

Hehe, I’m on the deadly bus! Granny me arse!

– The Difference Is, He’s Irish

2 Responses to “Messages Of A Textually Explicit Nature”

  1. neuro-praxis says:

    I wish I was Irish. And less different. 🙁

    Glad to see my private messages to you made it onto the internet. Thanks for that, “friend”.

  2. stigmund says:

    No problemo. Sure, what are “friends” for?

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