One Sweet Dream Came True Today

Well, despite reading this and this, I was spurred on by my gross intolerance for this soi disant lovely-bottomed lady, and did the unthinkable: I started a b**g. Welcome.

You know you’re in for one memorable summer when you’re told at your new job you’ll be “replacing a machine that broke down a while ago”. And how.

I felt my sister’s pet foetus kicking the other day; a very life-affirming moment. However, C then turned the moment sour when she revealed her plan to eject the foetus from its home in about 3 weeks. My family were just getting used to the idea of her keeping a foetus inside herself and now this. We’re all understandably confused.

My brother L is back from his trip to Greece. He was working as a kamikaze. Apparently, it’s a pretty easy job to get over there.

I watched a pretty cool movie today with some ‘friends’. If you’re like me and love your ‘drink-driving infant’ scenes, then this one’s for you. I’ll resist elaboration because, as the old saying goes, blog movie reviews are the pits.

So anyway, with my current job fizzling out like a damp banger I’ve been on the look-out for something new. Fingers crossed.

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