Privately Probing The Public Rooms

My heart is broken. Henry, why are you so good? Nay, how can you be completely and utterly ineffectve for 68 minutes and then score a better individual goal than we’ve scored in my lifetime? Forget it. I don’t want to hear it, Thierry. If that is your real name.

I remember watching France and Ireland earlier in the group when Zizu was still retired. My brother-in-law, P, kept referring to him as “Zizi” which, in French kids’ slang, is the equivalent of “willy” or “micky”. He kept taunting the TV with lines like, “where’s your precious Zizi now!” and “not so brave without your Zizi, are you!”

Yesterday I was invited by F to celebrate September 11th with him and his friends. I agreed to go. There will be a bouncing castle! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even considered going. I can’t stand to be anywhere near him.

I’m listening to Harmony by Clinic. If I was stalking someone in a car, I’d listen to this song. I’m not saying I’m not into stalking, I just can’t drive.

stigmund – Wasting His Time And Yours

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  1. Fantaboloso bloggerooneying. You also coming to bouncy castle party? This is magical news! EAT THE FAIRIES, FREE STARDUST IMPLOSIONS!

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