You Are All Fools In Love


This morning I chuckled in the shower at some of the fantastic names Lidl give their own-brand cosmetics. Their shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1: ‘Wash and Finish’. Vidal Sassoon never did specify, did they? And secondly, Lidl’s shower gel: ‘Energy Upload’. Yes! If only you could. I have just awoken from a ten minute snooze at my desk. My computer had reverted to screensaver mode. WHILE I SLEPT.

“The computer has deactivated due to inactivity”.

We have so much in common.

You see, I’m all bounced out after some hectic September 11th festivities. Although I was kindly escorted by K, C and Aiya both ways, which was sweet.

My overwhelming knackeredness means cancelling Pinky plans at Anseo tonight. I detest pulling out on social activities but it has to be done.

I had to endure a nauseating conversation on the bus this morning between two moronic college-goers sitting behind me. They spoke about how much money they had in their bank accounts, how much money their parents give them a week and how much money they spend daily on lattes. I vomited in their laps as I got up to demonstrate my disapproval.

Some dramatic developments in Stigmund’s World: an old friend of mine has testicular cancer and had to be operated on. Furthermore, chemotherapy has been discussed. Shocking stuff. For me, at least. He is, in his own words, maintaining a good sense of tumor about the whole thing. O, I salute you.


There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
She had so many children
Her uterus fell out.

stigmund – Hangin’ Out The Passenger Side of His Best Friends’ Ride

4 Responses to “You Are All Fools In Love”

  1. bonzo says:

    Was thinking about your friend who has cancer. I still find it hard to believe he actually said that. I hope the chemo works. His bravery is admirable.

    In other news, I woke up at 3:30am screaming so hard that it woke up F and C. I’m a very very strange man. I don’t even know what caused it. I wasn’t having a nightmare. I just remember screaming for about 5 seconds really really loudly. The night terrors are back.

  2. bonzo says:

    So if anybody has a further insight into what night terrors are or why I get them from time to time, please let me know.

    Yep I’m a freak.

  3. neuro-praxis says:

    Poor Bonzo.

    One of the very few nights I spent in your company you had a horrendous nightmare.

    I looked up a few things. Maybe this site will be helpful.

  4. bonzo says:

    Thanks for that Neuro. It’s a bit of a strange condition, but it’s something that keeps me amused from time to time. The link basically described exactly how I feel when it happens. It’s kind of funny actually. A mad man screaming in his sleep, waking up his flat mates then floating back into a slumber while his flat mates wonder who the axe wielding maniac is in the house! Ha ha ha. Serves them right for being my friends. Fools.

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