Too Late, I Already Found What I Was Looking For

I met The Bonz for pizza after work today at the unusually titled, ‘Pizza Stop’. Ok, it’s not that unusual. It’s just that the place is staffed and run by REAL LIVE ITALIANS and it seems a shame that they could, with genuine cause, use an Italian name- unlike, for example, having a chip shop in Dolphin’s Barn with some Polish guy behind the counter and calling it Luigi’s. Anyway, one of the best pizza places in town, methinks. It’s on Chatham Lane, just off Harry Street, if you ever get the notion.


A mobile phone conversation overheard last night on the bus (in its entirety):

“It’s me…. Whatcha ge’ in your Junio’? …Where are ya? …Any gargle knockin’ abou’? …What abou’ blow? …Are you locked? I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Eric just called me to say he’s coming to Dublin in November! Eric is French. He is enormously funny and I can’t wait to see him. He’s one of the few people I know who will do pretty much anything to make somebody laugh. I remember once at a party picking out a girl at least two leagues above him and telling him to go chat her up. He tried to be all suave and mysterious, “Hi, you seem lost…” while I cracked up, watching the show from the other side of the room. The conversation ended when he fell over a radiator.

The Company have more than likely agreed to extend my contract and “responsibilities”. Otherwise I’m on the dole come Monday. Either way, I’m very happy. The happiest I’ve been in some time. Despite the weather today. Man, that sideways rain is a killer. When the wind just takes it and makes sure every piece of your clothing gets it. EVERY PIECE.

stigmund – Computed His Way To Your Heart

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  1. Zoomafone says:

    Me (in vaguely continental European female accent): “How are you?”

    Stimund (in his indecipherable, thick tongued mumble): “Excellent. That’s how I am!”

    Congratulations on the contact extermination.

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