More Than Half Of What I Say Is Meaningless

One of my teachers in school used to consistently spout So Stupid It’s Brilliant comments during class. Her mouth would literally drip with golden drops of comic genius (picture it). I found them so funny I would write them down in my copybook*. Today, dear furiousthinking readers, I impart this wisdom to you.

*Shame they’re never used outside of school, actually. One of the things I used to pine for in college was a good ol’ copybook.

NOTE: The following were correct and complete sentences (in her eyes) and were never clarified or rectified. Have a read and see if you don’t love her:

Things like housewives would be encouraged to get jobs.

I wouldn’t 100% agree with that 100%.

They’re completing the better the job they do the more money they get.

It’s not the usual eight working days.

There were more points for the layout than for the actual what you
said on the report.

A one-person household bends up paying.

That’s what I think now, honestly, to be honest.

In effective, you’d have to find out.

Have I answered your Martin?

You know what you’re going to expect.

Why would the government try to get indigenous firms to stay in the country?

You need to know it but not.

They’re not gonna give you the loan for infinite.

Her 3 examples of ‘products’: a chocolate bar, a digestive, a chocolate digestive

And things like that nature.

You can think you know it sure but just wait till you look it up till you just see.

Do you get what I make?

Self-employed people have greater scope to be dishonest, to be truthful.

If you went up in a blaze for health and safety reasons.

Kill two problems with the one bird.

stigmund – The Boy In The Trouble

3 Responses to “More Than Half Of What I Say Is Meaningless”

  1. bonzo says:

    I love your teacher.

    I thought I’d add a couple more quotes:

    3rd year Irish class:
    Teacher: “where is your text book Richard?”
    Richard (student): “I left it in my locker”
    Teacher: “In your locker?! Is your locker going to sit your Junior Cert for you?!!”

    2nd year Business Studies:
    Teacher: “Companies find themselves bending over backwards to satisfy the needs of their shareholders”


  2. debo says:

    more more MORE!!!!!

  3. stigmund says:

    Sadly, a combination of confiscated copybooks (with discovered notes) and eagle eyes means there are no more.

    If there are any school students reading this, continue the legacy and get noting. Then, when you’re supposed to be writing your thesis or impressing your boss at your first job- start a blog!

    You’ll have failed at life but succeeded in making us laugh.

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