Yearning For More Than A Blue Day


Evening, my little mugs of cold vomit.

A sweet weekend was had by all. And by ALL I mean me.

Me old schoolpal, Noz, was over visiting from London and her (English) friends also happened to be in Dublin performing ‘Some Girls are Bigger than Others’ at the Olympia. We managed to wangle a couple of free tickets for the show. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It was very po-mo (you know: weird for the sake of being weird) but it was wonderful.

Onstage there were various things:

Six singer/dancer/actors, so plenty of singing and dancing and acting, strobe lighting (one guy loved this so much he practically threw a fit, right in front of us!), a string quartet, a mini trapeze act, a projection on the backdrop with loads of mini films, sex mimes, happenings, guns being shot and so on. You get the picture.

Afterwards, we got to go backstage where I met the guys from the quartet (Noz’s friends) and most of the actors. I confess to being somewhat starstruck when I first met the actors. Pathetic. But as it turns out, some of them are actually quite famous. NOTE: in my book, if there are 20 or more Google results pages featuring you, you’re quite famous.

We all went into Brogan’s next door for a few drinks and an old chat. The performers were very friendly and, surprisingly, quite down to earth. I spoke and they spoke back! To me! I was also happy because I managed not to make any “I fell on my bottom” comments.

They told me how they had begun their tour in London where it was met by some dismal reviews. Their next leg took them to Dublin where they enjoyed a much warmer reception.

Saturday followed a similar vein with more freebies!


Pinky got me on the guest list at Crawdaddy where he supported a ‘throat vocalist’ who can apparently sing three notes at once. My one regret of the night was that we didn’t get to stay and hear her. By the way, throat singing allows the artist the “capability of creating six pitches at once”! Ridiculous.

We couldn’t stay because we had been offered more tickets to Some Girls… But this time in one of those sweet private boxes! It was my first time in one of them. Not as cool a view as I’d expected to be honest, but it’s always good to be away from the riff-raff. Afterwards, we used our friends free passes to see some jazz/rock ‘n’ roll/swing cover band at the Sugar Club. A good good night.


I went to a theology lecture. Maynooth University was the venue for NT Wright’s lecture on ‘Paul the Preacher: the Gospel Then and Now’. Having read a lot (and having remembered very little) about this man, I was impressed anew by his clearcut, airtight and insightful research and his well-kept beard.

As if to balance out my week, I saw The Aristocrats and laughed. Hard. It’s produced quite a mixed reaction from the public and one of the most racist threads I’ve ever come across.

In the face of blind ignorance, sometimes you just have to laugh. Which I did.

Reading The Onion‘s horoscopes yesterday I came across this and I thought of my dear chum embee:

You know that people change when they have children. That said, your transformation will be particularly remarkable when you discover you have two dozen of them, all with special needs.

Good luck with that, preggo! We are all behind you!

Yesterday after work I felt a strange longing inside me, so I took out a wad of cash and scoured various stores for something I could blow it all on. THERE WAS NOTHING.

I went home, read Microserfs and listened to Jefferson Airplane. Turns out that was what I’d wanted all along.

stigmund – The Toast of Kalamazoo

2 Responses to “Yearning For More Than A Blue Day”

  1. I can’t believe no tickets were offered this way! Ha! Shock! Awe! Exclamation Marks!!!

    Sure, I went through adolesence when I was 10 and so stopped religiously listening to the Smiths when I was 13 but man, I loved them.

    Ah well, Tom Wright was great, wasn’t he?

    – Handsome Devil.

  2. stigmund says:

    Your ADHD will more than likely prevent me from ever introducing you to any of my ticket-bearing friends.

    That and your flatulence.

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