Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long

Today is the birthday of both my sisters: they had the grave misfortune of being born exactly two years apart, something we don’t really like to talk about at home. And we’ll thank you not to bring it up.

One sister will be spending it with her new daughter, dancing around the house in her new boots and listening to the Bridget Jones soundtrack while the other, as part of her H. Dip. in youth and community studies, will be spending her evening with young offenders. (Just an evening?)

At least if things get heavy, she can, and no doubt will, break down sobbing: “And it’s my birthday and all!”


Lately I been listening me some great new music courtesy of a fair foreign friend of mine. If you’re not a musical racist, can I recommend Lhasa de Sela’s ‘La Llorona’- even if you don’t speak Spanish, her voice is from another planet. In a good way.

Tété’s ‘A la Faveur de l’Automne’ is another treat and everything I’ve heard from Barbara is purely classic songwriting.

Barbara*, whose eighth anniversary is on Friday, is renowned in France as one of the greatest talents they’ve ever produced but remains virtually unknown in the English-speaking world. I’m confident, however, that this entry will change all that. Also, a major bonus if you understand French: her lyrics are some of the best I’ve ever heard.

*Her real name was Monique and she chose *Barbara* as a stage name. Go figure.


In hot and sexy FuriousThinking news (I like InterCapping), we may have cúpla new members aboard. Angry French Belle and OG (neither of their real names by the way. And, unhelpfully, not their webnames either) will, hopefully, be up and ranting in the near future. On behalf of everyone at FuriousThinking, can I just say how wonderfully apprehensive we all are at this news.

Both are currently looking for suggestions for their sites (names, subject matter, tone etc.) so don’t be shy in the comments box.

I was thinking for AFB, to fully exploit the fact that she resides in La France, a reporting-style blog providing her readers with blow-by-blow accounts (ouch) of all rioting, protesting and surrendering of the French people. Name-wise, I thought would encapsulate the whole French vibe them French people got going on.

For OG, hmmm… There have been several fine suggestions for OG, none of which have taken her fancy. Not knowing who or what OG is exactly, I thought a Google on her name might provide some answers. Returned at the second-highest entry was Worldwide Gay Asian Links. I wish I was joking.

Nonplussed, an Image-search led me here. Then here. And finally here.

I am at a loss as to where to begin with suggestions. One thing I will say, though, is that I am intrigued. Better get your hopes up.

stigmund paved paradise and put up a parking lot

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  1. […] OG has come along and pretty much taken over FuriousThinking. First she is the topic of a post over at neuro, who is kind of a furious thinker by default even though her Centre For Serious Thoughts is unused. Then today Stig got all inspired by her Wildean wit and now her comments have forced me to throw up this quick post in her name. […]

  2. O.G says:

    Ah Stigmund, if only you knew how close you were in your image search: I am, in fact, a crazy amalgamation of all three images. It makes for interesting conversations in cyber space but has unfortunately rendered me unable to show my face in public. I spend my days hiding in the bowls of the Abbey Theatre, only coming out to kidnap beautiful young prodigies and attempt to teach them how to act properly in my underground lair. If any of you have had the misfortune to watch ‘Drama at Inish’ of late, you will know that I have failed in my most recent attempt.

    As I have nothing to do all day but surf the internet in my hideout, I would thank you to update your post sometime soon. I’m freaking bored down here.


  3. stigmund says:

    So let me get this straight. You’re a moustache-bearing, Japanese sprinter who Photoshops Dubya’s face in her free time?

    Nice continuation of the Phantom theme. If all that’s true, how come I haven’t been kidnapped?

  4. O.G says:

    Ah Stig. I’m afraid you quite missed the point. When I spoke of ‘beautiful young prodigies’ I meant, surprisingly enough, just that. I’m afraid you just do not match up to my criteria.
    O.G – in the business of breaking spirits

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