Unhappy Meals- And That’s OK

Nothing wrong with unrelated titles, Angry. 😉


Work have employed people to go around giving free massages, cups of tea, coffee to all employees. Absolutely hectic. All I keep hearing is “Sir, would you like a cup of coffee?”, “A head massage perhaps?”, “We’re fresh out of caviar, sir.”

The stress.


I went to see the fabulous Pinky again at The Village Sunday night. It was a gig in support of Amnesty International and he put on a quality show.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Mark Geary took to the stage; the kind of turn you get when you’re in the middle of enjoying an ice cream and someone punches you in the face.

Having heard a bit of chatting down the back of the audience during his first song (inevitable at a gig where there are four individual acts), Mark Geary proceeded to act like your old headmistress from primary school waiting for people to fall silent before him. When that failed miserably he began telling people to shut the f*** up, giving the crowd the finger and generally embarrassing himself and his fans with his arrogance.

It has been a hot topic on a couple of forums since Sunday night. There is a shamefully biased account at Mark’s own site (notably, the most popular conversation ever on markgeary.com) where the plug gets pulled on those who dare question his reaction. Note the number of Admin blocks throughout.

When this conversation reached its maximum capacity, a new one began on the same site. It’s essentially the sequel.

Halfway through the thread at his personal site, a separate discussion on the same topic began over at Creative Ireland. Less biased and more lighthearted.

A reference made on CreativeIreland to the “Nazi” attitude on Mark’s personal site then spawned Musicians United for a bit of Shush! A wonderful tribute to his disappointing display.

If he’s ever playing at a venue near you, run.


Leo July 23 – August 22

Satan will take the form of Excel spreadsheet cell G-14 this week and refuse to assume the proper formatting.


I’ve been listening to these wacko sisters strut their stuff this week. They played an interesting gig (which I couldn’t attend) at Whelan’s last Saturday. Anyone else know them? Pretentiously wonderful or wonderfully pretentious?

stigmund needs a woman gonna hold his hand, tell him no lies, make him a happy man

7 Responses to “Unhappy Meals- And That’s OK”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice to find someone else who has heard of CocoRosie. I’d go with pretentiously wonderful anyday! And a duet with Anthony (of Anthony & the Johnsons fame) to boot. Sweet, indeed!!

  2. stigmund says:

    Having listened to them a lot more, I’m convinced. Yeah, Antony seems to fit their quirky, unpredictable persona down to the ground alright. They are quality.

    And frankly, any woman who says/sings “All I want with my life is to be your housewife” is a model by which all other women must be measured.

    Five thumbs up.

  3. James Hackett says:

    I don’t have a clue who they are, so why am i responding?

  4. stigmund says:

    Because, my young man, you are an idiot.

  5. stigmund says:

    Anonymous, on second thoughts (and a purchase of their new album) the duet with Antony is one of the worst things they’ve done. They don’t need guest vocals to impress (see ‘La Maison de Mon Reve’) and are a lot cooler than the oversung heroes of 2005, Antony and the Johnsons.

    Noah’s Ark is quite a let-down after their thrilling debut.

  6. […] After previous misfortune associated with The Village, I still went to see Jason Mraz play there last week. A bit of a disappointment compared to his last gig in Whelan’s in February. He’s good and puts on a show but some of his fans are a joke. Read: kinda teeny-bopperish (do people still say ‘teeny-bopper’? Am I Marge Simpson?) For example, at one point, during the outro of a real quiet song one guy just bellowed “Wordplay!” (his most commercially successful song). Stuff like that. Also, if he wasn’t asking people to clap along with a song or making banana-related euphemisms some of the little cretins seemed totally oblivious to the show. “Eimear, they’d no Smirnoff Ice so I just got you a WKD, is that ok?” they would shout. “Here’s your change. No! You can buy me a drink later, it’s fine!” But he must know he brings a lot of it on himself. […]

  7. Rhoda Gamble says:


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