Well. After last weekend’s afore-mentioned ridiculousness at The Village, my musical hopes were at an all-time low arriving at this year’s ‘Demo to Breakthrough’ contest. I went to support the brilliant Liam McDermott, who had reached the final six of the competition. Held at the new Axis Theatre on de Nortsoyd, the final stage of the search for Ireland’s best unsigned act was set. See this cruder than crude site for the background, judging panel and other artists on the night.

Apart from Mail Order Messiahs, an impressive electronic duo, the night was spent just waiting for Liam (who was on last) and enjoying the performance of his two songs selected for the competition: ‘I Need to Get Away’ and ‘Love of my Life (for now)’.

Ray Yeates, director of Axis, preceded the announcement of the winning act by saying that while the performance on the night was important, the judges were mainly focussed on the quality of the songs themselves, consistency (not just one quality song and a B-side) and on finding an act whose songs they could work and record well with- the prize being a fully-funded EP recording and producing.

“And the winner is…Liam McDermott!”

So sweet. You can listen to the winning songs here.


And then Pinky managed to land a sweet gig on RTE’s ‘Other Voices’ show. He is currently down in An Daingean shooting for the show’s next season. His hotel-mates for the week include, among others, Rufus freakin’ Wainwright! I would be drowning in a sea of jealousy if it weren’t for the island of envy where I now bask, savouring the shade of covetousness under the palm tree of begrudgery. If you ask me* Rufus is the most exciting thing happening in music today.

*Stigmund rule #2,166: your very presence here means you’re asking me. Lap it up.

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5 Responses to “Expletive!”

  1. Compared to (Jah!) Ben Folds, Rufus Sparkly Wings Wainwright is writing songs for goldfish.

    Rufus would be nothing without Martha

  2. stigmund says:

    That’s Mister Sparkly Wings to you.

    Ben Folds would be nothing without the other members of Ben Folds Five.

  3. neuro-praxis says:


    He left them behind years ago.


  4. […] I’ve spoken before about my feelings towards the current Irish music scene. All I’ll say is that if a reviewer says an Irish artist sounds like “nothing on the current Irish music scene” I would maybe give it a go. Their Irishness alone tends to mean their CD will end up in my Amplified Acoustic Whining Nightmare section. […]

  5. stigmund says:

    Neuro, this Christmas order your sense of humour early to avoid disappointment.

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