Messages Of A Textually Explicit Nature IV


Bad news on your job Stigmund. Presume you got caught sleeping with the boss again. That’s the way the cookie crumpets.

I had put some magic beans in as a surprise but you’ve ruined it now.

Gary Glitter faces execution by firing squad after paying a 12-year-old girl 8 euro to have sex with him…Should that be funny?

The best part of the prize is beating the other gimps.

I spurted coffee out my mouth when I read that arse-licking. And I wasn’t even drinking coffee.

Just burstin’ bubbles. Someone’s gotta do it.

Tonight it finally hit me: I’m spending Xmas alone : ( Sorry to wake you up.

English as a foreign language doesn’t make any sense, Stigmund. It’s a scam. English is your native language- it can’t become foreign no matter how hard you try. So give it up and come get laughter at 4:30. Diploma! Ha!

Do me a favour and punch that loud bitch in the face. I can hear her over my headphones.

Good luck today.

Hmm stories…I have a rather interesting story about me and a steak. But it really just involves me eating the steak, so it should probably be kept to text.

Thanks for the encouragement. Gay.

stigmund – Emboldening His Name And Signing Off With Irrelevant Lyrics And Jokes Only He Gets

4 Responses to “Messages Of A Textually Explicit Nature IV”

  1. Babette says:

    CHANGE your ‘about this site’ or come into my brain and scrape out the Streisand. Thankin’ you…Also, please BLOG, as some of us have jobs to not do.

  2. bonzo says:

    i agree. blog.

  3. O.G says:

    If I knew your mobile number, I’d text you to harrass you into updating your blog. But I don’t have it, and you should be duly thankful.

  4. Babette says:

    I know his mobile number. It’s 555 CHANGE IT!! (Streisand)Cos whatever I do, (Adams)It’s just GOT to be you. (Streisand and Adams) My life has just begun: I’ve finally FOUND someone!!!

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