Write On, and Turn the People On

There are few things in this life that float my boat quite like being right. I’ve spoken before about my feelings towards the current Irish music scene. All I’ll say is that if a reviewer says an Irish artist sounds like “nothing on the current Irish music scene” I would maybe give it a go. Their Irishness alone tends to mean their CD will end up in my Amplified Acoustic Whining Nightmare section.

And one Irish artist I have unapologetically plugged here is Liam McDermott (see his politically incorrect blog in my links). This review at Oxygen.ie sums up exactly how I feel about Liam’s music, particularly in relation to the music scene here.

Recording for his new EP begins in February, culminating in a launch gig in Voodoo at the end of the month.

stigmund – Keepin’ An Eye On The World Going By His Window

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