The Rigmarole Fiasco Saga

Oi! Get outta my comment box, you lousy, no-good kids! Harumph!

I’m not sure if anyone checks the statistics on the FuriousThinking main page as often as me, but Eddie Izzard is consistently the number one search string. I’m as clueless as good ol’ Eddie there. What the hell is up with that, you freaks? I’m talking to my fellow FuriousThinkers as much as you, my wonderfully coked-up middle management readers. I want answers.

A couple of weeks ago I got my skates on, pulled up my socks, got my finger out and got my ass in (5th) gear. And they gave me a job! They said I really “stood out” from the rest of the applicants. They didn’t elaborate. My work is a little different from before; as in there’s less ice cream to make of course and, well, that’s about it. That and plenty more rolling around. On skates.


You’ll all be pleased to hear my Valentine’s Day wasn’t spent in the shameful depression I usually celebrate mid-February (despite Yellow Snow’s icy rejection). My Slovakian office-mate (who is recently engaged and all loved-up) couldn’t bear to see me in such a pathetic state and gave me a coupon for chocolates in Boots. So instead of going home alone and depressed, I bought cheap chocolates with a coupon, went to the cinema and ate my way out of depression. The movie was more enjoyable than anticipated. A thundering success of a day I think you’ll agree.

It, unbelievably, got better. On the recommendation of a reliable friend, I joined her at the Jason Mraz gig at Whelan’s. Seeing crowds of girls at a gig is always a bad sign so on this horrific sight I prepared myself for the very, very worst. Jason Mraz, ladies and gentlemen, is brilliant. I’ve never heard his albums but, man, live he really is exceptional. Apparently, though, his CDs are an anti-climax compared with his gigs, so be warned. He managed to weave ‘Superstition’ and ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin” into his own song, Mr. Nally, and by the end I was a convert.


Having still not seen Munich yet, I recommend Goodnight, and Good luck and Hidden as your two best bets right now. There really isn’t that much out. Oh, and if you’re thick enough to have enjoyed Final Destination and Final Destination 2, you’re probably thick enough to go enjoy the third. I know I was.


Tomorrow night, Tuesday 21st February, sees music history being made: Liam McDermott performs live for the first time to his adoring public. Having done a few TV (well, TG4) and radio (well, 2fm) gigs, and performed at a few songwriting competition finals, this will be the first gig open to just any old ho like yourself. It will be in The Voodoo Lounge from 8pm, with support from Deirdre Fox, the brilliant Kevin McNamara (check out his song ‘The Stalker’ on that link) and comedian (or “asshole”) Dave McSavage. Liam’s band is comprised of a ridiculous seven members (not including himself) so should be a real treat. His EP ‘I Need to Get Away’ goes on sale in Tower Records tomorrow, where he will also perform an intimate set (for the four staff and three emo kids flicking through magazines) at 6pm.

Last one there is the proverbial rotten egg.

makes love just like a woman, but he breaks just like a little girl

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  1. Babette says:

    Never leave again

  2. bonzo says:

    Rigmarole is my word! Get your own. Dickhead.

  3. stigmund says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s to never take orders from a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

    You don’t exist! Have a nice day.

  4. Babette says:

    Yeh! You chubby little pup!

  5. bonzo says:

    In wikipedia, bonzo the dog is under the category of “Fictional Dogs” – a CATEGORY for FICTIONAL DOGS!!! Is the world taking crazy pills?!

  6. 1979 corvette specs…

    1979 corvette specs…

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