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Been Away So Long I Hardly Knew the Place

Friday, May 5th, 2006

This is nice. And do feel free to scroll around.

So, the workers at Stigmund Inc. (me included) took a well-earned break in Seville a while ago where this type of thing is the norm round Easter Week. This was, of course, a wonderful surprise and a delightful time was had by all.


It’s very easy to criticise MySpace, the third most popular English-speaking site in the world with a million new members a month. Its hideousness is just one reason: the layout is crude and the colours are left to its tasteless members to choose. It is one of the most unintuitive websites to try and command and its users communicate like 9 year olds who’ve just discovered MSN. The advertising is shameless: “She’s waiting for you” and a picture of a girl who might have said she was 18 on her MySpace profile but man, she ain’t. Because I clicked on and asked her myself, that’s how. And it is all too often “undergoing maintenance” which makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Probably says more about my MySpace problem than anything, but I digress. The point is that, having said all that, I’m still slowly becoming an addict. I follow their conversations like some disgusting voyeur, tracking back to find out what everyone was talking about and who said what in response. It’s shameful, I tells ya. There are some funny little gimps out there though. And some sweet music. Irish people making deadly music! Check these out, each with at least three songs to listen to. The quirky Kevin McNamara with a thrilling voice; History of Harry, musically mature beyond their years and showing real promise; Michael Knight, who I’ve carefully compared before to Brian Wilson, have three new songs up; the bluesy, funky, difficult-to-pin-down-to-a-genre The Musical Show and the newest to MySpace, the guys just knuckling down to their Leaving Cert, The Roll Models.

Where else could these technologically-disabled musicians find a place to upload their music and run a simple website? And what better place than somewhere where there’s already 65 million members who you can contact easily and who can listen to your music for free? Sure, you’ve to sign up and exclude all those who ain’t gonna bother. But even the laziest of jackasses can still listen to your music, no matter how crap it is! Hear that, Zoomy? Get your music up and out there and show these people what you’ve got! I’ve got no-one but MySpace to thank for introducing me to these guys.

Plus, one Liam McD, a self-confessed MySpace addict, has recently come up with this gem. It’s called MySpace Arguments. It is purely for riling up the easily excited and is a joy to behold. There are various topics, each one more provocatively-titled than the one before (see ‘Gays’ and ‘Blacks- weren’t they so much cooler when they were just slaves?’*).

My favourite one so far is ‘Are women better at anything?’ Obviously intended to stir it up, and boy are some of those girls grabbing the bait. One point that has come across loud and clear though (and something I’ve often wondered) is why are girls so quiet in the music department. Think of all the bands/artists you know… Any decent girls out there? Don’t give me the poo about the industry being dominated by men etc. What about people you know, hm? I know about 20 guys personally who play instruments and are giving the ol’ songwriting a go, experiencing varying degrees of success. None of them have been signed either but they’re giving it a shot and some of them are damn talented. I don’t know one girl who’s written a song. Not true actually, I know one. She’s written a couple. But she is far outnumbered by her male counterparts. What’s the story? Sure, you often see the odd female-fronted band, but when it comes to writing the ol’ ceol she’s nowhere to be found. I do love some female artists. I’m a shameless Joni Mitchell fan and Bjork does blow me away. But even Bjork gets a lotta help with the writing. Anyway, I’m just disappointed to see not as many girls coming up with the goods. I’m not just trying to get things going but I would love to hear what people think. And if I can get things going too that would be a nice bonus.

*UPDATE: now defunct.


This guy has brilliantly re-enacted two of my favourite scenes of all time. As in, when I was younger (not too young, mind. 19? I am a nerd. What, you knew that!) I tape-recorded them from the TV and listened to them over and over, I loved them that much.

The first is The Princess Bride ‘Battle of Wits’ scene and the second is the climax in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (DANGER: INNUENDO OVERLOAD. EVACUATE BLOG. PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE NEAREST EXITS. IDIOTS.).

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