Buy Your Dreams A Dollar Down

I just had a kebab for lunch. Remind me never to do that again will you? Nice one.

The wonderful Pinky releases his debut single today with a performance at Tower Records at 6pm. The single’s called ‘Jack the Lad’ and there are limited edition vinyl editions too with, may I say, a rather spiffing cover. The label is Sweet Deal Records and this happens to be their debut single too. Isn’t that nice. You’d never guess ’twas a debut though from their website.


I watched the confusing Pretty Persuasion during the week. Anyone else seen it? What was your verdict? Reviews were mixed to say the least. Its problem, as I see it, is it doesn’t know what it’s trying to do or be. It deals with loneliness, depression, sex, teen angst (woop de woop), homosexuality, suicide, religion, bullying, sexual abuse (yippee), class division, family/relationships breakups and breakdowns etc. with politically incorrect, satirical and biting undertones. But the load is simply too much for one film, particularly when the mood is generally quite upbeat, to bear. I was generally amused for the 104 minutes, but left not knowing what anyone was trying to say.


Here is a site for those who like to watch, rewatch, then rewatch again, all the goals from that ‘World Cup’ thing they predicted would be so popular.

For any francophiles still left out there, here’s a useful website I found. It’s like a French Urban Dictionary. Admittedly, the French are still learning how to use the internet and websites like this are quite a rarity. So be grateful.

Following in Daniel O’Donnell’s footsteps*, the tact-ridden Liam McD has finally stopped beating about the bush and finally tells us what he’s really thinking in his ’10 Things I Hope You Don’t Do’. Better get a pen. As it happens, he’s also just uploaded a brand new song, Sorry Julie. No, that’s just the name of the song- I’ll never apologise for what I did. But the song might cheer you up- I love it. So, you know, it’s in your own interest to agree.

*scroll down for the account of this week’s Greer-O’Donnell showdown.


I know you lot are a violent bunch so I’m sure you’ll appreciate this.

stigmund will be sadly missed by his friends and family; but moreso by those who never knew who or what he was, or why he was talking to them.

4 Responses to “Buy Your Dreams A Dollar Down”

  1. Deirdre says:

    Why were the pieces of wood standing in a circle?

    They were having a board meeting.

    Feel free to use that one.

  2. Deirdre says:

    Ps – why don’t you and France just get a room? You think this is emotionally healthy behaviour?

  3. stigmund says:

    France and I did get a room. In 1642. The result was Reunion Island. I wish you’d stop bringing it up.

  4. Eat a Zaytoons kebab for lunch. I’ve done it once or twice. Greatest thing in the world.

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