Messages of a Jimlad nature


I notice with considerable disappointment the absence of my texts from your mobile phone inbox. Am I out? Why? Was it revenge over my lack of texts?

I don’t bother texting anybody. I don’t have a phone.

(I’m sending these messages with my MIND. It takes a lot of effort and I only occasionally manage it due to my strict diet of beans (yes, beans)).

This is a text. To YOU! Don’t you understand?

Getting on to your blog is my only hope since the rise of GoodThink heralded the demise of my own internet fame.

Well that’s the appropriate way to go see Radiohead. Why would you watch them if you didn’t want to feel lonely and depressed? Most depressed music can be soothing at times, Radiohead are just depressing. I feel depressed just ranting about it- I hope you do too. I feel so rejected at you asking if I am going to see Radiohead. You could have asked if I was going to anything else but NO, you asked if I was going to Radiohead. Sorry I’m not that into them really. Sigh.

I can’t belive you’ve had all day and you STILL haven’t apologised to me for asking about Radiohead. Ass.

stigmund walks in silver slippers in the sunshine to receive applause

3 Responses to “Messages of a Jimlad nature”

  1. Wifebeta says:

    Who is this Jimlad everyone keeps talking about? Is he man or is he myth? Can’t pass a watercooler these days without hearing mention of his name. I demand answers.

  2. jimlad says:

    Your best piece of blogging yet. I don’t even remember texting you about slippers and sunshine, but it’s genius.

  3. Good'fink, innit? says:

    When will you do a blog dedicated to texts from me? Jimlad, your jealousy amuses me! Ha ha! There, see how I laugh! Jimmy, your demise is directly related to your high-levels of kookoo and has nothing to do with me or my superb blog.

    Goodthink x

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