What is Sweet Now, Turns so Sour

I found The Onion potential of this headline rather striking.

Feist is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Queen Joni‘s home of Saskatchewan, Canada. She decided a while ago she’d had enough making a living off other people’s careers (Peaches, Broken Social Scene, Kings of Convenience etc.) and has recorded cupla albumeanna herself. I know some of you are fans and graciously dug this out for you.

Is it just me or are the old reliables letting us down by the dozen recently? Tony Blair, Steve Irwin, Michael Schumacher, Mary Harney- even Jackie Chan is talking about quitting action movies. I just don’t know… I really don’t.

UPDATE: Neuro has also decided this week to give up being a part of my life online 🙁 Can we just do a quick head-count here and see who’s actually left? Sheesh.
In the last few weeks I’ve been up to some things.

Thing the 1st: I finally managed to see Radiohead live. They opened with Airbag and it was pretty much perfection up to and including when they closed with Creep.

2. The following day some loser offered me a ticket to Daft Punk so of course I fought through the crippling tiredness I was feeling and saw them rock Dublin.

This guy has some great pictures of both shows.
3. Created a bulleted list in a highly uninspired blog-post.
4. I managed to get caught in Heathrow during all that terror nonsense. I arrived at the airport and was greeted at the entrance with a friendly “Sorry, I’m afraid your flight’s been cancelled today, sir. Here’s a letter of apology from British Airways.” As I put down my bag to read the letter clouds suddenly decided they didn’t want to hold all that darn rain anymore and just squeezed it out all over me. And for a moment I was left standing in shorts and T-shirt in torrential rain holding a now-inelligible letter and I found myself a character in some terrible RTE Big Big Midweek Big Movie. Like every Big Big Movie, it ended happily with me staying with a friend in London and having another Grand Old Time.

5. I laughed at this guy getting tazered. Some further YouTube searching can reveal footage of one prisoner getting tazered to death. Just thought I’d throw that in. Anyone any idea what YouTube’s stance is on stuff like that?
6. I went to see some friends in France, Spain and Portugal and had the generic Grand Old Time you’d expect on beaches, with good food, weather, fun etc.

Wishing you all a happy and safe 9-11.

stigmund‘s turntables only play in one direction- forwards

4 Responses to “What is Sweet Now, Turns so Sour”

  1. Zoomfeisty says:

    Chronology of the morning:
    8.38am Arrive in kitchen. Make cup of coffee. While coffee brews, start up computer.

    8.44am While cycling through the “Daily Visits” list, alight at Stigmund and follow his link to Feist.

    8.53am Now owning 2 Feist albums, Zoomtard is set for the day.

    The rain came in Heathrow because of the terror threat to be found in airborne liquid in the clouds. How do you know religious fanatics who hate our freedoms didn’t put toxic rain in them there clouds?

  2. stigmund says:

    Should have known it. She hangs out with Jenny Lewis, Bright Eyes and other Zoomy-approved artists.

    Enjoy the Feisty one.

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