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I have a question: did Feist copy Anais or vice versa? Note the similarities: gutsy guitar playing, quality vocals, extensive use of JamMan pedal- heck, they even look alike.
Anais, on the evidence* I’ve found, does seem to be even more feisty than Feist herself. And there are even a couple of areas where Anais kicks Feist’s hiney:

  • writing- Feist covers and co-writes, Anais writes everything
  • production- Anais produced her own album, ehh.. Feist didn’t
  • publicity- Anais relied solely on word-of-mouth to get her album The Cheap Show off the ground. Doesn’t necessarily make her better, but it does increase the street cred levels somewhat

Anyway, you decide. You may have noticed I’m leaning to one side in particular. A kiss and a hug for whoever gets it.

*clip includes Anais demonstrating her mastery of her JamMan pedal at a French music awards show.

While we’re at it, two other women whose music mesmerises me: Sierra and Bianca Casady. So much so that I can’t watch their clips during work, for fear of going under the spell. I’ve gone on at length about them before here, so just get to it: it’s a live performance of By Your Side, by CocoRosie.

By the way, for my next entry, I’m planning on just giving you a link to YouTube. It’ll just save us all so much time.
I’m listening to Sufjan Steven’s album ‘The Avalanche‘. Four and a half minutes in I can confirm with authority: it was worth every dollar my sister spent on it for me. I particularly enjoyed Slant and ShakingThrough’s excerpts on that link. Also, anyone hears anything about tickets to his gig at the Olympia, leave a comment telling me where I can leave the sack of money. I am desperate.


Self-confessed songwriting genius Liam McDermott has announced his next gig: Monday 23rd October at Whelan’s, Dublin. It will mark the launch of his new EP, entitled ‘Women’. Support on the night will come from Kevin McNamara, who has previously supported Devendra Freakin’ Banhart. Here’s the proof. I’m sure McNamara will see this gig with Liam as a godsend, after such humble beginnings. Tickets are €10 and include a copy of the CD. His 9-piece band will consist of a few Dublin MySpace hotshots; Pinky, The Zapples, Gav and Brian. Photgrapher Mr. Pharmacist from White Noise Visuals will also be there, snapping away, to make them feel famous.

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  1. You are not getting one i do not care if it is required says:

    Excellent work on the Coco Rosie linkage. Superb.

  2. You are not getting one i do not care if it is required says:

    I liked this one:

  3. stigmund says:

    Many’s the time I’ve turned on my computer just to get on YouTube and watch that one. Unfortunately it hasn’t been released. Hands down my favourite still-active female artists. Roll on new release in 2007.

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