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The Jews are Shifting Shapes!

Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Anyone else seen Borat? The movie is a series of shocking real-life Borat clips (for those who are familiar with the show. For those who aren’t, go here, then go to the cinema and see the movie) held together with a loose storyline- with a message believe it or not. Unbelievable. Genuinely shocking stuff.

I know it’s too late to see it at the cinema, but even when it comes out on DVD avoid Brothers of the Head like the plague. A really bad plague.


Is this a joke?

For Zoomtard. And this too.

For everyone.

I mentioned before about how girls are not so hot on the music. Obviously there are many talented songwriters with (their own) ovaries but the majority of musicians and songwriters (good or bad) are male. I’m sure many of you have your own theories on this- I’m not expecting anyone to deny that this is so..? I’m not going to give any of my own theories here, I’m just using this paragraph as a cunning intro to my bit on The Pipettes. The last time I mentioned music and women in the same sentence one young pup put forward The Pipettes as evidence of sisters doin’ their thing. Turns out they do some guy’s thing. And his thing is cute girls singing about school and sex and wearing polka dot dresses. Rumours abound on their true identities and the band’s history but having seen them live and met them in person I am quite convinced of their MANufacturedness (like that?). They are the (very entertaining) brainchild of a guitarist stroke music promoter called “Monster” Bobby, currently a member of The Cassettes, The Pipettes’ (all male) backing band. He came up with the concept of the group and penned half the album before they even existed. Others have suggested that even the name, Pipettes, stemmed from the fact that this group was merely a project or experiment. The Cassettes deliberately avoid any interviews or publicity, to keep the focus on the girls. This publicity choreography was also evident from the set up at their gig in Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin, last month. The musicians stayed at the back in the dark while the girls stood out front in the spotlights, dancing, singing and looking pretty, even taking it in turns to stand in the middle so you were never far from your favourite Pipette for too long (Rosay, obviously). Their album supports the facade: all songwriting credits are attributed to “The Pipettes”. Anywise, this review from CokeMachineGlow sums up (in a way I couldn’t) the contradiction they present here.

Not just to prove I’m not biased, here’s one of the best things you’ll ever see.

While we’re on the subject of ridiculously good musical performances I’d like to join Zoomtard in singing Sufjan‘s praises. He was stunning. I can’t describe it. All I’ll say is that while he was performing Majesty Snowbird I had my hands over my mouth, was laughing and had tears streaming down my face, purely because I could barely keep up/take in what was happening musically on stage. Unreal.

Staying with that theme, check this the hell out, average homeboys. What words would you use to describe it? I can’t find one. “As you can see I am not black, I don’t do drugs and I’m not on crack”. Where to begin?
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