Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back

In a recent conversation with a friend about television, or “TV” as it is increasingly become known, I realised I just don’t bother with the thing anymore. Anything worth watching one evening will be on YouTube or something similar by tomorrow morning, when I can watch it in the comfort of my own workplace, and at a time when it won’t be eating into my valuable free time, or “me time” as it is popularly known. By me. Any of you disagree? Watch everything you’ve ever watched (again) here. Or better still, here.


The battle rages. Who cares about the most logical points to be made when you can just enjoy the funniest ones. Maddox speaks out with his piece ‘One thing PC owners can do that Mac Owners Can’t’.

Joanna Newsom’s name‘s been bandied about a lot these days at student parties, in hip indie circles and college campuses the world over. Even that Metacritic place felt they should give their tuppence worth. But one listen to Ys had me convinced. I’m living proof that you don’t need to be a wispy guitar-playing girl or even have an arts degree to ‘appreciate’ her. The album is stunning. Van Dyke Parks added her to the ever-growing ridiculousness that is the list of artists with whom he has collaborated. He deserves almost as much credit for the magic of the album as her, but eitherwise: I will be at her gig in Vicar Street. I agree with those who find her voice childlike but she has expressed her “disappointment at the child-like comparison” so give her a break, will you. Sheesh. Here’s a woweepop, Joanna. Good girl.


When the possibility of going to another country comes up I am always happy. Because I will be in 97% of cases going to a country I haven’t been to before, or have been and would love to revisit. The 3% represents the possibility of ending up in (a) Britain or (b) Belgium. A work trip to Russia has just been cancelled and replaced with a trip to Belgium. This is like cancelling your birthday and replacing it with someone else’s. I’ve never even been but still, it totally doesn’t count. En plus, every Belgian person I’ve ever met has been an insufferable bore. Yeah, I’m talking to you. With your ‘Flemish’ (it’s Dutch, get over yourselves!) and your sweet sweet waffles. I am making up for this huge disappointment by going to Copenhagen for Easter. Take that, Belgium.


The Number 23 is bad, Venus is good. Pan’s Labyrinth is excellent, Bobby is not. The Science of Sleep is a little arty, just the right amount of farty and tri-lingual. Hot Fuzz is an anti-climax (see: Why You Shouldn’t Go To Movies On Opening Night), John Lennon vs. America was the opposite. Notes on a Scandal is thrilling, The Last King of Scotland is meh. For Your Consideration is brilliant, but a little jaded? Dreamgirls was pleasantly surprising. There are others. They were…yes.


Freedom Writers looks atrocious.

*Cut to brainstorming session at Paramount Pictures.*

-“Hmm how ’bout this one. I’m thinkin’ triumph over adversity… battling unrealistically against all the realistic odds… I’m thinking insulting the viewer… I’m thinkin’ street kids in a school on dead end street meet new teacher who also happens to be a naive romantic… Think Dangerous Minds meets cliche overload!”


Add Million-Dollars’-Worth-of-Shit Hilary Swank to the mix and you have the most screen-punchable movie of the year. And I saw Dreamgirls.


Pixyland has us disturbed no end (me and Babette). Do feel free to scroll around. Or just check out my personal highlights.


I know I’ve been away quite a while and for that I apologise. You can now rest in the assurance that Stigmund is alive and well; Spaced is great but certainly no Office*, Simon Pegg’s latest was not worth all the fuzz (oh dear) and The Graduate and Gone With the Wind are still classics. Phew, that feels better.

*Spaced relies too heavily on flash-back/film parody/whacky fantasy moment to even come close while The Office, well, doesn’t. The Office doesn’t just make us laugh, it has a deep understanding of people and how we interact. It has an ability to get inside our hearts and minds and move us (even physically, as we squirm) while Spaced does another Matrix rip-off. Family Guy has ensured I won’t find that kind of stuff funny for a while/again by beating the parodies beyond all hope of humour. Spaced is tenderly and lovingly made, snappily shot and well-acted. But I find it simplistic when I see Tim making excuses for not returning to university, breaking up with the new girl or David Brent pleading with Neil for his job back. Also, Spaced uses running gags (e.g. zany painter, token stoner). Blah.

While we’re on it, token stoners: what is the deal? They are not funny. Why must so many movies/TV shows have one person who’s consistently hallucinating/babbling/entertaining people with no sense of humour. I could write a token stoner scene while I’m watching some bad busker on Grafton St. on my lunch break. It’s easy, unfunny and pointless. Ashton Kutcher played one in Bobby and at the same screening there was a trailer for another movie with Ben Stiller playing the exact same token stoner character. There are loads. They are not funny. FIN.

My chest feels lighter. Although that probably has a lot more to do with my breast reduction surgery last week.

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  1. […] Aimee Mann singing a James Taylor song in a West Wing scene with Bradley Whitford and Mary Louise Parker. The only thing that could be more worth five minutes of your time is Ricky Gervais standing in front of a camera and admitting that Spaced is the best British TV show ever and that there are no “stoner” characters. […]

  2. stigmund says:

    A mere technicality: by “stoner” I include all drug-induced kraziness that somebody who’s only ever seen the first series of That 70’s Show could write.

    There’s that Northern Irish courier guy, Tyres O’Flaherty. Granted, it’s most likely E, but he fits the bill. The bill of predictability.

  3. jimlad says:

    What do you mean LEAVE A REPLY? Why should I have to do what you tell me? Now that you’ve had your breasts reduced I don’t feel inclined to do anything you say at all! I like the personal highlights, mind you. What hairdresser do you go to?

  4. jimlad says:

    I just did! I only just left a reply, and yet there you are, still with the comment just as I scroll down to see if there’s anything else on your page before I leave!

    And by the way, for someone who doesn’t like predictability, you seem to like listening to The Beatles a lot. Every time they tell the story of Rocky Raccoon, I think, I know what’s going to happen next, and it does! You’d think they’d change it so that he shoots the other guy, just sometimes. I’m thinking of sending the CD back to the shop. It never changes.

  5. jimlad says:

    No. That’s it. No!

  6. theMacFan says:

    I have a big doubt in my life. My Pc’s very old, soon he will be joining the fellows up in heaven cuz hes been a pretty nice computer. The thing is, now i have to replace him. With what?that is the big question. Taking economic issues appart, what is better? Might ask the Madox fellow, but i guess that in his egocentric-attempt-to-convince-the-world-Mac-sucks ill get no objective reply. So guess il keep the research project on which ones better. Mas is winning.

    tata for now.

  7. It is hnestly the worst invention ever. ALLUC my ass. You are so concentrated on your favorite series, and sudenly they’re not there anymore. Disapeared. Thats because its ilegal crap and blows.

  8. Rent ‘A Scanner Darkly’. It’s a movie populated entirely by Token Stoners. Robert Downey Jr.’s performance just about makes it watchable but the rest of the time your finger will be jammed on the fast forward button as Keanu Reeves waxes monotone on the nature of consciousness.

    Oh, and buy a Mac.

  9. Boo Radley says:

    Good to see the Stig is still alive and kicking. Keep up the good work.

  10. stigmund says:

    Dear hateInterneTVbitch, with a name like that I’m just grateful you’re not spam. Alluc does dance on the line between legal and illegal but it’s doing its best to provide you with good quality, fast TV. He’s fighting the power. Not his fault they sometimes win.

    *Reads Jimlad comment. Leaves comment. Buys Mac. Rents ‘A Scanner Darkly’. Kicks Boo Radley.*

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