Messages of a Textually Explicit Nature X


It is a nice day. I don’t want to work. I want to walk the streets of Dublin, in a non-hooker way.

I am the man who will fight for your honour.

You are gay. And yes, I spelled u ‘you’! That’s how gay you are!

Damn those leps. Kick him.

Good ningt

You can do the things you always dreamed of: travel, go with me to the hospital, grow a beard.

Why are you awake? What’s castlebar?


Gym : (

D’da mig l’ngsamt. [that’s my best guess – ed.]

Meet you in the yard for a snowball fight?

Tonight I better hear a cover of Baby D’s ‘I Need Your Lovin” or else I’m gonna start throwing fistfuls of poo on stage from my plastic bag of faeces.

Fistfuls of poo.

stigmund‘s been flirting again

12 Responses to “Messages of a Textually Explicit Nature X”

  1. babette says:

    Do I have to stay for this?

  2. stigmund says:

    Generally, I don’t buy the “I’m doing this for me” nonsense that people spout in relation to things like writing, working out or getting breast implants. But my text blogs (unlike my implants) have received far more negative feedback than positive. But I still really like ’em.

    And yes, you have to stay.

  3. jimlad says:

    No, it’s good, this showing them the sorts of things people say to you. Give them a bit of culture on the way! Good man. … or, woman? … those breasts..??! OMG!

    by the way, before you say anything about divine vanity, OMG stands for OH my GOODNESS. So no taking God’s name in vain here.

    you are SO judgemental!

  4. babette says:

    OK, but I’m going to be over here while you’re doing that

  5. jO says:

    Just had to laugh. I love em all. And lord of the heavens makes me think how pathetic people can be. Did he throw fistfuls of poo on stage, or were u to scared with his threat that u went along with his request?

  6. jO says:

    You have to check this out frodi 🙂

    If you like family Guy bien sur. “Mr, I-cant -do-a-suicide-bombing-because-im-sick. He brought a note from his Doctor!” favorite phrase.

    And then go to Robot Chicken.
    Denial, Anger, Bargaining (my favorite) Are you there God? .. I promise no more peeing on your shorter creatures”

    Merry Xmass.

  7. stigmund says:

    Meh. Family Guy’s worn itself out.

    Also, you posted the same one twice. Cruel.

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