Oh Spring, Can I Wink at You? I’m Your Puppet


March -- go to party re: Bonzo

April -- work, cruise around listenin’ to music too loud

May – prepare for trip to South America

June – go to South America

July -- some life-changing experiences (some life-changing diaorrhea)

August -- more stuff happens

September -- feel weird cos you’re not going back to school. September’s always weird

October -- start to need a proper coat going out

November -- complain about Christmas coming earlier every year

December -- worry about January

January -- quite chilly now. Bit sad

February -- little warmer. Some light rain. Glad January’s over

March -- go to party re: Bonzo

please forgive stigmund, he knows not what he does

3 Responses to “Oh Spring, Can I Wink at You? I’m Your Puppet”

  1. South America, land of the megascuts. I know people who have spent weeks nursing a leaky backside on that continent, so best to take whatever preventative measures you can.

  2. jO says:

    South America, land known for its inteligent creatures. I know people who have planned a 3 month trip on that continent and have never been seen back on Europe. Some were kidnapped, others just loved it.

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