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Something Rottin’ in the State of Denmark

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

I am in Copenhagen. Just to prove I’m not lying I will scream the following: [whatever this was, it didn’t survive the Big Move sorry! – ed.]! Where else would I get away with something as kerazy as that other than a Danish university library? I rest my flimsy case.

I’ve been to a fascinating little place called Christiania. While being very cool and left wing and hippyish and all of that, it does have that annoying little ‘Do What You Feel’ factor; as long as you’re going against The System, Christianians are right behind you. They’ve only been paying tax for 3 years but they’ve been happy to send their kids to Danish schools for the last 36 years. Same goes for refuse collection and water works. And the inhabitants, Christianians*, are those crusty little smelly types who tend to shuffle from place to place and never shave enough (women included) or pull up their sleeves. In addition; while they contribute next to nothing by way of taxes and all of that, they don’t even allow photos within their borders. A nice touch. This didn’t stop me taking a photo of the ‘No Photos’ sign. Watch this space.

*I hear ‘Movementarians’ every time. “All aboard! Last call for Blisstonia!”


Moving on, Maddox’ April Fool’s was chuckleworthy as usual. A little note worth noting: I’ve stopped reading Mimi Smartypants. Dunno why. Guess I just stopped caring. And is it just me or is The Onion getting better and better?

And something I know you’re all nattering about: Chelsea and United through to the semis! Wow! A 7-1 and a 90th minute winner! Hoowee! I’ll see *you* in the comment box for more!

stigmund bitter? No, he just loves to complain