Something Rottin’ in the State of Denmark

I am in Copenhagen. Just to prove I’m not lying I will scream the following: [whatever this was, it didn’t survive the Big Move sorry! – ed.]! Where else would I get away with something as kerazy as that other than a Danish university library? I rest my flimsy case.

I’ve been to a fascinating little place called Christiania. While being very cool and left wing and hippyish and all of that, it does have that annoying little ‘Do What You Feel’ factor; as long as you’re going against The System, Christianians are right behind you. They’ve only been paying tax for 3 years but they’ve been happy to send their kids to Danish schools for the last 36 years. Same goes for refuse collection and water works. And the inhabitants, Christianians*, are those crusty little smelly types who tend to shuffle from place to place and never shave enough (women included) or pull up their sleeves. In addition; while they contribute next to nothing by way of taxes and all of that, they don’t even allow photos within their borders. A nice touch. This didn’t stop me taking a photo of the ‘No Photos’ sign. Watch this space.

*I hear ‘Movementarians’ every time. “All aboard! Last call for Blisstonia!”


Moving on, Maddox’ April Fool’s was chuckleworthy as usual. A little note worth noting: I’ve stopped reading Mimi Smartypants. Dunno why. Guess I just stopped caring. And is it just me or is The Onion getting better and better?

And something I know you’re all nattering about: Chelsea and United through to the semis! Wow! A 7-1 and a 90th minute winner! Hoowee! I’ll see *you* in the comment box for more!

stigmund bitter? No, he just loves to complain

3 Responses to “Something Rottin’ in the State of Denmark”

  1. jordan says:

    Wrong. Christiania is made up of a diverse population, including professorts, doctors, buisness men, teachers, post men and students. Your impression of some of the individuals who hang out there and the residents is confused. They are called Christianites, not Christianians, and they allow photos in every part of the area except Pusher Street, because of privacy issues concerning the hash trade.

  2. stigmund says:

    Hey Jordan, thanks for that. I never said they weren’t diverse or that they didn’t have jobs, I just said they were a little crusty. In fact I think Christiania even sends employable Christianites (thanks) to strengthen Dublin’s courier trade. All of them have dreads and tattoos and are mad into the sweating too.

    I’m afraid you’re wrong about the photos though. We saw several signs (nowhere near Pusher Street) telling us not to take photos. And got shouted at by a kid and his parents. When we took photos, that is.

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