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September 27th, 2006


I have a question: did Feist copy Anais or vice versa? Note the similarities: gutsy guitar playing, quality vocals, extensive use of JamMan pedal- heck, they even look alike.
Anais, on the evidence* I’ve found, does seem to be even more feisty than Feist herself. And there are even a couple of areas where Anais kicks Feist’s hiney:

  • writing- Feist covers and co-writes, Anais writes everything
  • production- Anais produced her own album, ehh.. Feist didn’t
  • publicity- Anais relied solely on word-of-mouth to get her album The Cheap Show off the ground. Doesn’t necessarily make her better, but it does increase the street cred levels somewhat

Anyway, you decide. You may have noticed I’m leaning to one side in particular. A kiss and a hug for whoever gets it.

*clip includes Anais demonstrating her mastery of her JamMan pedal at a French music awards show.

While we’re at it, two other women whose music mesmerises me: Sierra and Bianca Casady. So much so that I can’t watch their clips during work, for fear of going under the spell. I’ve gone on at length about them before here, so just get to it: it’s a live performance of By Your Side, by CocoRosie.

By the way, for my next entry, I’m planning on just giving you a link to YouTube. It’ll just save us all so much time.
I’m listening to Sufjan Steven’s album ‘The Avalanche‘. Four and a half minutes in I can confirm with authority: it was worth every dollar my sister spent on it for me. I particularly enjoyed Slant and ShakingThrough’s excerpts on that link. Also, anyone hears anything about tickets to his gig at the Olympia, leave a comment telling me where I can leave the sack of money. I am desperate.


Self-confessed songwriting genius Liam McDermott has announced his next gig: Monday 23rd October at Whelan’s, Dublin. It will mark the launch of his new EP, entitled ‘Women’. Support on the night will come from Kevin McNamara, who has previously supported Devendra Freakin’ Banhart. Here’s the proof. I’m sure McNamara will see this gig with Liam as a godsend, after such humble beginnings. Tickets are €10 and include a copy of the CD. His 9-piece band will consist of a few Dublin MySpace hotshots; Pinky, The Zapples, Gav and Brian. Photgrapher Mr. Pharmacist from White Noise Visuals will also be there, snapping away, to make them feel famous.

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Messages of a Textually Explicit Nature VIII

September 27th, 2006


You are down as Rubberface Gleeson- so to get in you have to walk up and say “hello, my name is Rubberface. Rubberface Gleeson.” The rest are down as normal.

I can’t believe you put those underpants in his bag! A moment of sheer brilliance!

Thanks for thinking of me. You know I love anything involving Tasers. Especially YouTube videos.

Hungry and sweaty. You?

Ha ha ha. You made me giggle inappropriately in the middle of work at a racist slur. Victory is indeed yours.

Damn you. You’re entering a world of pain my friend. A. World. Of. Pain.

There are actually little kids called Lancelot and Sassy in my school. Thought you’d enjoy that.
Hey Stigmund. Is Spain a pain? Are you reading the writings of philosopher Tom Paine? Are you wearing clothes from Maine? Well, are you?

There’s an orange girl on the train applying make-up and explaining to her friends that it looks like a ‘fresh tan’.

I suppose you can. I hear black people can sometimes be purchased and if you bought one then you could call it what you liked? Just an idea.

Hey Shorty! Do you want to see girls with SHORT HAIR? If so call this number. Hot girls with SHORT HAIR are waiting to take your call! (Girls may not be hot)

Special bus it is! Fuck you jamaroo.

Sorry, that was meant for Rubberface. Not you. You have a lovely face. Very fleshy.

oh stigmund, you cannot tell me what’s right and wrong

Last Saturday Night Through Numbers

September 18th, 2006

Arrests witnessed: 7

Girls seen fighting: 2

Assaults involving glass bottles: 1

People kicked off Nitelink for verbally abusing driver with racist slurs: 5

Gardai assaulted: 2

People refused entry to Nitelink (a sure sign things have gone too far): 4

Arrests by plain clothes officers: 1

Squad cars screaming to a halt in front of me: 5

Number of times Nitelink door was kicked from outside: 2

People beaten with batons: 3

stigmund don’t gotta be false or sugar-coated at all

This Frightful Waste of all Our Time

September 16th, 2006

I am in love with this guy.

stigmund knows a woman’s place- right there, in the home

What is Sweet Now, Turns so Sour

September 10th, 2006

I found The Onion potential of this headline rather striking.

Feist is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Queen Joni‘s home of Saskatchewan, Canada. She decided a while ago she’d had enough making a living off other people’s careers (Peaches, Broken Social Scene, Kings of Convenience etc.) and has recorded cupla albumeanna herself. I know some of you are fans and graciously dug this out for you.

Is it just me or are the old reliables letting us down by the dozen recently? Tony Blair, Steve Irwin, Michael Schumacher, Mary Harney- even Jackie Chan is talking about quitting action movies. I just don’t know… I really don’t.

UPDATE: Neuro has also decided this week to give up being a part of my life online 🙁 Can we just do a quick head-count here and see who’s actually left? Sheesh.
In the last few weeks I’ve been up to some things.

Thing the 1st: I finally managed to see Radiohead live. They opened with Airbag and it was pretty much perfection up to and including when they closed with Creep.

2. The following day some loser offered me a ticket to Daft Punk so of course I fought through the crippling tiredness I was feeling and saw them rock Dublin.

This guy has some great pictures of both shows.
3. Created a bulleted list in a highly uninspired blog-post.
4. I managed to get caught in Heathrow during all that terror nonsense. I arrived at the airport and was greeted at the entrance with a friendly “Sorry, I’m afraid your flight’s been cancelled today, sir. Here’s a letter of apology from British Airways.” As I put down my bag to read the letter clouds suddenly decided they didn’t want to hold all that darn rain anymore and just squeezed it out all over me. And for a moment I was left standing in shorts and T-shirt in torrential rain holding a now-inelligible letter and I found myself a character in some terrible RTE Big Big Midweek Big Movie. Like every Big Big Movie, it ended happily with me staying with a friend in London and having another Grand Old Time.

5. I laughed at this guy getting tazered. Some further YouTube searching can reveal footage of one prisoner getting tazered to death. Just thought I’d throw that in. Anyone any idea what YouTube’s stance is on stuff like that?
6. I went to see some friends in France, Spain and Portugal and had the generic Grand Old Time you’d expect on beaches, with good food, weather, fun etc.

Wishing you all a happy and safe 9-11.

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Messages of a Jimlad nature

August 24th, 2006


I notice with considerable disappointment the absence of my texts from your mobile phone inbox. Am I out? Why? Was it revenge over my lack of texts?

I don’t bother texting anybody. I don’t have a phone.

(I’m sending these messages with my MIND. It takes a lot of effort and I only occasionally manage it due to my strict diet of beans (yes, beans)).

This is a text. To YOU! Don’t you understand?

Getting on to your blog is my only hope since the rise of GoodThink heralded the demise of my own internet fame.

Well that’s the appropriate way to go see Radiohead. Why would you watch them if you didn’t want to feel lonely and depressed? Most depressed music can be soothing at times, Radiohead are just depressing. I feel depressed just ranting about it- I hope you do too. I feel so rejected at you asking if I am going to see Radiohead. You could have asked if I was going to anything else but NO, you asked if I was going to Radiohead. Sorry I’m not that into them really. Sigh.

I can’t belive you’ve had all day and you STILL haven’t apologised to me for asking about Radiohead. Ass.

stigmund walks in silver slippers in the sunshine to receive applause

Ancient Bog Found In Scroll

July 29th, 2006

Good idea. Bad idea.

stigmund decided to create a dream come true

Words Cheap and Dry, Endless Whining

July 22nd, 2006

This was making me feel very sad. Until I found this. The Kooky Kwotes!

Before I go on, what must we do to get Goat-Fiend to write more? Is that or is that not the best blog intro you’ve ever read? And how about that for a first entry! Man, someone get this guy a generous helping of laptop with just a smattering of broadband so we can see what more he has to say for himself. Failing that he should probably die tragically so we could all become Jeff Buckley-esque fans, torturing ourselves over what could have been and spending all our money on double CDs of Goat-Fiend coughing in a studio.


So the Cup of the World is finally over. I do confess to a gaping void in my life where Google World Cup updates should be. Anyone any ideas? By the by, I can understand to some extent (with considerable resentment) the fact that most of you DO NOT LIKE FOOTBALL. However, if this doesn’t move something inside you, check for a pulse. It was the last minute of extra time, for crying out loud. It needs sound if you want the hairs on your arms to stand up just right. That goes for you too, Defective Yeti. While your brilliant writing has brought new-found meaning to so many lives (most significantly, mine), maybe give football a break. Call it racism (please. No really, I insist), but those Yankee scumbags are responsible for some very poor writing on the World Cup. Unable as I am to find the non-Defective Yeti articles I’m talking about (oh the ineptitude!) you’re just going to have to take my word for it. Saves us all time, really; it’s not like you doubted me. Let’s just put it down to the fact that I’m writing this two weeks after all the action finished and those articles are well past their sell-by date, hence, freakin’ hard to find. But anyway, back to the Defective one: these two entries will forever remain unhealing scabs on the beautiful elbow that is Matthew Baldwin’s website. Clichéd, jaded and tired points that did not need a new airing.

While we’re on the subject of football (might as well get it all out of my sytem now) what the freaking heck (pardon me) is up with FIFA rankings. I know they’re notoriously inaccurate and unreliable but why is that? Which toilet did they pull their point system from? For example, Germany are in at 10th while England are 5th… Very odd. Inexplicable, actually. And, without even kicking a ball, Ireland dropped from being level with Colombia at 34 a month ago, to 39; while Colombia jump 13 places to 21! Makes sense when you don’t think about it.

This is the point where I’d usually bitch/berate some film I’d seen recently. I went to the cinema yesterday and had a look to see what was on- taking my bus home proved the more attractive option.

yesterday stigmund woke up sucking a lemon

Messages of a Textually Explicit Nature VII

July 17th, 2006


Welcome home. If that is your real name. You tanned bastard.

Today in work I farted so hard and loud I hurt myself a little. And I think someone heard. What would Jesus do?

I always wondered why I was always alone in France. I’ve cried about this for 3 years. I still want to be your mate!

Football cancelled. No-one really wants to come. Shame. Will blame you for it though.

‘The S the H the I the T the T the Y, the R ‘n’ B is shittay. You know it’s shittay.’ I just found this message on my old SIM.

Certainly. Remind me again though because my head, as you know, is like a sieve…

Dance. Boogie wonderland.

Swift comeback: “yeah? Shove it! Make with the email and then cram it!” *pants fall down, trips*

Anything strange? Fish can’t fart. Get off my billboard you dirt. Go eat your fish farts on someone else’s bus route.

Hey, I just woke up. Wanna go to the beach? : )

I miss you like that wart I had on my little finger for a full two years of my life, until I burned it off.

Assisting women to give birth: is there anything more arousing?

stigmund – he’d shut his mouth if he knew what was good for him. Pumpkin-pie-haircutted freak.

Buy Your Dreams A Dollar Down

June 30th, 2006

I just had a kebab for lunch. Remind me never to do that again will you? Nice one.

The wonderful Pinky releases his debut single today with a performance at Tower Records at 6pm. The single’s called ‘Jack the Lad’ and there are limited edition vinyl editions too with, may I say, a rather spiffing cover. The label is Sweet Deal Records and this happens to be their debut single too. Isn’t that nice. You’d never guess ’twas a debut though from their website.


I watched the confusing Pretty Persuasion during the week. Anyone else seen it? What was your verdict? Reviews were mixed to say the least. Its problem, as I see it, is it doesn’t know what it’s trying to do or be. It deals with loneliness, depression, sex, teen angst (woop de woop), homosexuality, suicide, religion, bullying, sexual abuse (yippee), class division, family/relationships breakups and breakdowns etc. with politically incorrect, satirical and biting undertones. But the load is simply too much for one film, particularly when the mood is generally quite upbeat, to bear. I was generally amused for the 104 minutes, but left not knowing what anyone was trying to say.


Here is a site for those who like to watch, rewatch, then rewatch again, all the goals from that ‘World Cup’ thing they predicted would be so popular.

For any francophiles still left out there, here’s a useful website I found. It’s like a French Urban Dictionary. Admittedly, the French are still learning how to use the internet and websites like this are quite a rarity. So be grateful.

Following in Daniel O’Donnell’s footsteps*, the tact-ridden Liam McD has finally stopped beating about the bush and finally tells us what he’s really thinking in his ’10 Things I Hope You Don’t Do’. Better get a pen. As it happens, he’s also just uploaded a brand new song, Sorry Julie. No, that’s just the name of the song- I’ll never apologise for what I did. But the song might cheer you up- I love it. So, you know, it’s in your own interest to agree.

*scroll down for the account of this week’s Greer-O’Donnell showdown.


I know you lot are a violent bunch so I’m sure you’ll appreciate this.

stigmund will be sadly missed by his friends and family; but moreso by those who never knew who or what he was, or why he was talking to them.